Two in One : A belated Mother's Day and Teacher's Day story :)

She woke up to the thumping sound of her 3-year-old jumping up and down in the room above hers. With a sigh, she turned to her alarm clock. It was already five in the morning.
Oh no!
She woke up instantly from the bed and rushed to the bathroom. A quick splash of water on her face and speedy towel wipe, she was done and on her way to the kitchen.
Now what shall I do for breakfast? Omelette, French toast or cereals?
As she was thinking, subconsciously her hands moved to the refrigerator to take out the milk.
Cereals then. How about Tony?
As she closed the refrigerator, her eyes wandered habitually to the first Mother’s Day note that she received from her twins. It read “The best love comes from a mother” and they drew her with a big heart and long hair. She smiled to herself and savoured the warm feeling that swept her.
“Jamie! Rebecca! Wake up already sweethearts!” She yelled from the kitchen, hoping her kids on the second floor would hear.
She swiftly broke two eggs and started preparing…

What Are You?

I stepped on my brake and the car screeched to a halt. My vision blurred as I hiccuped to breathe. Something felt off in my body but I just couldn't tell what. I quickly checked traffic through the rearview mirror and side mirrors.

Who am I kidding? No one uses this road at all. Except dumb old me!

I rummaged in my bag for my phone and quickly called Shirley. It went to voicemail.


I dialed again and this time there was no connection on my phone. I could see my hands shivering and felt my heart beating so fast

I looked around and everything was pitch black except for the flickering lamp posts.

Okay okay. Deep breaths. Let's just drive and get to town first.

I shifted my gear to D and started driving again, keeping my eyes glued to the road with occasional safety glances at other mirrors. I conjured happy and bright memories whenever I felt darkness taking over in my mind.

The bright beach with the bright sun. Everyone laughing and fooling around. I could see my husband build…


"You'll pick me up after the movies?" I turned to him.

"Yeah." His face was glued to his phone. A small smile played at the corner of his lips as he typed something.

My heart sank a little as I got out of the car.

He's not the same anymore. I can feel it.

"I love you," I said before closing the door.

"Love you." Without a glance at me, he put his phone down and drove off.

An unshakeable heavy feeling engulfed me as I walked away. I could feel it nagging at the back of my mind, nibbling away at the very last sanity I had in this relationship. My feet felt like bricks as I made my way to the theatres.

"Hey, girl! OMG, it's been too long! Let me look at that face of yours!" Mia started hugging and gushing over me.

It's been ages since I felt loved and appreciated like this. Maybe I don't deserve this? 

"Hello, earth to J!" Mia waved her hands in front of me.

"Oh, sorry. I got carried away in my mind."…

5 Things Part-Time Taught Me

I. Have. Finally. Graduated. After. 4. Years. of. Undergrad. Studies!
The relief is surreal, I swear I was dreaming until they emailed me my completion of studies letter. I finally came to reality and accepted with a blessed feeling. However, please don’t think I'm a bright student with a high CGPA. I'm completely average with a knack for procrastination and burning the midnight oil.  Nevertheless, here are 5 things that my part-time undergrad course taught me:

1. You’re completely on your own.
Believe that, please. You might have classes in the beginning semesters but as you progress, there are chances classes will reduce and you rely on virtual tutoring or well, yourself. I mean, that’s how it was for me.
As I entered late Year 2 onwards, I scarcely had classes and even if I do, they’re only 3 or 4 times per semester (and that is to cover almost 10 topics of the module, plus assignment discussions!). Hence, the other times, I rely on online tutor through the university’s por…

One Minute

I wonder if I should get him a shirt. Maybe, a watch. He already owns so many books.
She walked by several stores, scanning her eyes briefly on the men’s clothes available. She never liked shopping for clothes, accessories or anything, making it a true nightmare to get gifts for anyone at any occasions. She prefers when someone tells her what they want or just gift cash.
You will never know if someone likes your gift. Or you.
She sighed and continued walking again around the mall, hoping to magically find something for Arwind. It was their third-year anniversary together and she thought she’d do something different this time. A surprise.
“Babe, you don’t have to get me anything,” he said without taking his eyes off his phone. “We can just grab something to eat or watch a movie.”
She just nodded but she had already made up her mind to get him something this time, although it might kill her, mentally.
For their first year, he had gotten her a beautiful necklace and earring set, which, unfortu…

Long Distance

I stood up for the third time and started pacing around the house.
“Will you sit quietly for a moment?” my mother chided.
“I can’t! He’s supposed to bring the car home 30 minutes ago! But do I see the car?? NO!” I started biting my nails. 
Thank God I haven’t done my manicure yet.
“He’s on his way, lah. Just sit and be patient.” My mother continued stirring her chicken curry. She took a pinch of salt and sprinkled into the wok. After stirring 3 times, she put some on her palm to taste it.
“Come here.” I shuffled grudgingly towards her. She opened my palm and put a few drops of curry. 
“Taste and tell me how. Enough salt?”
I licked my palm and nodded solemnly. I mean, I’ve always loved her cooking so my answer's never changing.
Till date, my mom sends me home-cooked food for lunch to my workplace and without fail, all the Chinese students would rush to my table, curious on the Indian cuisine that I’d eat for the day. God forbid if my mom cooked soup or Chinese style food. The students wo…

Just Run!

"I'm telling you, that movie had a lot of plot holes!" Mark screamed.
"Of course it has because there will be a sequel!" Rachel screamed right back at him.
"GUYS! I need to drive for Christ’s sake! Can you both shut up?!" I shot them dagger looks and they huffed but dared not make a sound.
"Thank you." I continued driving in silence for a minute. "But the plot holes were way too many Rach."
And the battle ensues between my two best friends. Rach accused me of being a betrayer while Mark just appointed me as an alliance. But I wasn’t concerned about their bickering anymore or the loud music in the car. I was fixated on what was happening on the road.
There were flashing blue and red lights just passing us at top speed.
Police cars and damn! Are they on a chase?
I could hear sirens but further down whereas these two dummies are still arguing.
Whatever. I’m gonna focus on the drama chase and to get home safely without getting the car …